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What is Normatec Compression Therapy?

Increase Performance and Recovery with World-Leading Compression Therapy

Discover the power of cutting-edge recovery technology with Normatec Compression. Whether you’re an athlete seeking optimal performance or an individual striving for improved wellness, Normatec offers a revolutionary solution to enhance circulation, expedite recovery, and promote overall vitality.

Normatec Compression therapy utilizes dynamic pneumatic compression devices designed to mimic the body’s natural circulatory process (just like a massage). By applying sequential pressure to targeted areas such as the legs, arms, or hips, these devices create a soothing pulsing sensation that enhances blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and muscle relaxation.

This sequential compression is clinically proven to promote the removal of waste products from muscles, accelerate healing, and reduce muscle soreness.

How Does it Work


Think of it like the best massage you can get. The Normatec compression system uses compressed air to precisely apply pressure to the desired parts of your body.

Sequential Pulsing

Starting from the lower extremities and moving inwards, zoned pulsing gradually transports fluid and metabolites out of the limbs. This also means fresh, oxygenated blood can move in to aid recovery.


The removal of waste products from muscles and the promotion of nutrient rich blood flow means less fatigue, soreness, and swelling – speeding up the recovery process.

Performance Boost

You can use compression therapy before or after exercise. Both help with your recovery and endurance when it comes to getting back out there safely while avoiding injuries.

What to Expect

Before Your Session


You’ll have a consultation with a Cryomend specialist to discuss your goals, health history, and suitability for compression therapy.

Informed Consent:

You’ll be provided with detailed information about the procedure and asked to sign an informed consent form.

Compression Selection:

Normatec compression therapy enhances mobility by improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting faster recovery of muscles and joints.

During Your Session

Boot Up:

Boot up or suit up, depending on whether you want to target your legs, arms, or hips. Slipping into the Normatec attachments is easy, and they adjust to form a custom fit around your body.

Starting Your Session:

You will either sit or lie down on the massage bed. When the treatment begins, the technician will exit the room, allowing you to relax in privacy.

Relax & Enjoy:

Treatments are available in either 30 or 40-minute sessions. Feel free to bring along your phone, iPad, books, or any other entertainment to keep yourself occupied during the treatment.

After Your Session

Removing the Normatec:

After your session is complete, a Cryomend staff member will help you remove the compression boots and/or attachments.

Return to Normal Activity:

After the treatment, you can immediately resume your normal activities, as no downtime is required.


While individual experiences may vary, you may feel a sense of increased energy, reduced pain, and improved mood following your session.

Application & Benefits

Improve Mobility

Normatec compression therapy enhances mobility by improving circulation, reducing inflammation, and promoting faster recovery of muscles and joints.

Decreased Pain

Enhanced blood flow helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. This can lead directly to pain relief in joints and ligaments, keeping them supple and flexible, while improving range-of-motion.

Enhanced Recovery

Fatigue, soreness, and stiffness resolve faster – getting you back into the game ASAP and reducing the likelihood of injury. Improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients to help you recover.

Improved Performance

Compression therapy can boost energy levels, accelerate healing, and get you back to the top of your game quickly.

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