Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

“If I could live here, I would! Every service they offer uses top-tier equipment, and I can’t recommend Cryomend enough!”

Emily W.

“A friend and I decided to try Cryomend’s cold plunge service today, and we could not be happier with the results.”

Kakimlay V.

“Amazing facility, friendly staff, and very knowledgeable. Definitely will be coming back. Seen results from my first visit”

Abe B.

“LOVE the Whole Body Cryotherapy and the CryoFacial.
I’m going to Cryomend every week for the best results.”

Isotta B.

“Nicole & the Cryomend staff are absolutely fantastic! Right upon arrival I was greeted and every question I asked was answered in depth.”

Ryan R.

“Friendly service, convenient location, good pricing. Went for my first full body cryo session feeling a little anxious (I mean who wouldn’t), left feeling amazing!”

Dan K.

“The cryotherapy and EMS training is a great new way to train and recover, I loved my session!”

Derek S.

“A lingering injury had really been helped along by these treatments. The hours are flexible, so I was able to fit in an intensive 10 day therapy cycle with my crazy schedule.”

Eyal S.

“EMS is an excellent way to train for strength without the risk of injury. There’s lots of room to adjust the session to your level. 20 minutes is all you need with the X Body.”

Umayr A.

“I tried Cryomend to help heal a nagging injury. I was skeptical at first but now I’m sold.  Not only did it help with inflammation but it helps me feel more energized.”

Christa P.

“Supportive and knowledgeable staff eager to answer any questions about cryotherapy. I am a big fan of the results and always feel amazing when I leave.”

Suzanne Z.