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Experience the future of fitness with cutting-edge Electric Muscle Stimulation. Burn fat, increase strength, and build muscle at Cryomend’s state-of-the-art biohacking studio in Toronto.

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What is EMS Training?

Personalized, Efficient, High-Intensity Workouts for All Ages and Fitness Levels.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a 20-minute training program designed to build muscle, increase strength, and burn fat – all while being gentle on your joints. Our clients have also found that it can improve posture, strengthen the mind-muscle connection, and improve overall body composition.

EMS gives you a whole-body workout by using electrical signals to stimulate both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Electrodes send electrical pulses through the desired muscles with an exact stimulation frequency, working directly on the tissue to achieve a clean, perfect contraction.

Our leading protocol heightens nutrient distribution through blood flow and has a powerful capacity to recruit and energize muscle fibers. As a result, EMS gives you a much more efficient workout compared to traditional strength training.

How Does it Work

XBody Training Suit

Our state-of-the-art equipment places electrodes over all of your major muscle groups, allowing you to strengthen them without stressing joints and ligaments.

Increase Muscle Mass

Activate type 1 and type 2 muscle fibres. Electrical stimulation activates up to 90% of your muscle fibers simultaneously, improving motoric nerve connections and leaving no muscle neglected.

Burn Fat

The increased recruitment of muscle fibers means more calories are burned compared to traditional workouts – both during and after your sessions.

Improve Mind-Muscle Connection

Improved blood circulation leads to more oxygen and nutrients reaching your cells, which can result in firmer, more toned skin, and a reduction in cellulite.

What to Expect

Before Your Session


You’ll have a consultation with a Cryomend specialist to discuss your goals, health history, and suitability for EMS Training.

Informed Consent:

Upon arrival, one of our staff members will review the waivers that were signed when the appointment was booked.

Change in EMS Attire:

You will then be asked to change into one of our undergarments, which are required for training. You do not need to bring your own training attire.

During Your Session


You’ll put on the full-body XBody EMS Training Suit, which contains electrodes targeted at each major muscle group. The EMS suit must be wet, as it acts as a conductor for the electrical impulses.

Personal Training:

Our expert personal trainers will guide you through a 20-minute workout full of low-impact exercises that suit your body and personal fitness goals. The intensity of the workout can be adjusted throughout.

Shoes & Water:

We recommend bringing a bottle of water and indoor running shoes. Alternatively, you may train barefoot.

After Your Session


Resting after your session is important to avoid overexertion and get a feel for how EMS Training works for your body.


Drinking plenty of water after your session is recommended to aid recovery.


While individual experiences vary, it is common to experience improved circulation, increased strength, a boost in your metabolism, and increased muscle tone after just a few sessions.

Application & Benefits


Maximum results in minimum time – just 20 minutes of EMS Training gives you all the benefits of a 90-minute traditional workout.

Recovery & Rehab

EMS is perfect for post-injury and post-surgery strength building due to its low impact on joints. It’s also great for those with mobility issues.

Lose Fat

EMS Training increases your baseline metabolic rate even after sessions are over. This can help you burn fat and tone up quickly.


Everyone from complete beginners to advanced athletes can benefit from EMS Training. Our personalized plans will cater to your goals.

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    Who should not use EMS Training?

    For the vast majority of people, EMS training is easy, safe, and holds no risks of complications. However, there are certain individuals who should avoid EMS Training due to potential safety risks. This includes pregnant women, those with certain types of heart conditions, pacemakers, or other metal implants, as well as those with epilepsy or a history of seizures.

    Our experts will conduct a consultation and review your history before you start EMS Training to ensure it is right for you.